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2016-01-27: Git development tree

Some updates (MP3 cutting support, libao support for Linux, OS X and Windows) are available in Git here:

2013-03-22: Ten Years of wavbreaker

It has now been ten years since Timothy first announced wavbreaker to the world. We've come a long way since then, and the current version (0.11) is now in most distro's repositories, giving you easy access to wave file breaking on Linux :)

2012-01-14: wavbreaker 0.11

It has been a few years since the last release, but wait no more, because a new release of wavbreaker is out. This release combines all of the patches that have been sleeping in the SVN repo since the last release, and also includes a new translation into Spanish by Ricardo Mones from Debian's patchset. Here's an overview of the changes that went into this release:

You can download the source tarball from our download page or download the wavbreaker package in supported distributions.

If you do have patches that should go into a future wavbreaker release, please get in touch and submit the patch for inclusion :)

2008-06-02: wavbreaker 0.10

We are proud to announce yet another nice wavbreaker release. This release features support for the PulseAudio sound server, support for 24-bit audio (this is currently limited to OSS and ALSA) and some other minor fixes. Here are the changes:

You can download the source tarball from our download page or download the wavbreaker package in supported distributions.

2007-11-19: wavbreaker 0.9

After four months since 0.8.1, this release adds support for Moodbars, improved handling of RAW audio files, a new Cairo-based file name overlay and some usability improvements. Of couse, we've also fixed some bugs that exist in previous versions of wavbreaker. If you had problems with ALSA-based playback, wavbreaker 0.9 should make ALSA playback work again.

New and improved features

Bug fixes, stability and performance improvements

You can download the source tarball from our download page or download the wavbreaker package in supported distributions.

2007-10-12: Moodbar support

Based on an idea by José Jorge, wavbreaker now supports displaying a Moodbar by using an audio analyzer to generate a graphical representation of the "mood" of an audio file. This should help wavbreaker users in spotting track break positions for live recordings.

Progress dialog for the "moodbar" tool

To use the moodbar function, you need to install the moodbar package, which is available in Debian lenny (current testing) and Ubuntu Gutsy. You can also install the moodbar tool from source from Amarok's Moodbar website. Moodbar depends on the GStreamer framework, so be sure to install the GStreamer development files if you compile from source.

Moodbar, displayed in wavbreaker's main window

Support for Moodbar files is already available through wavbreaker's Subversion repository and will be included in the next release of wavbreaker.

2007-09-23: Support for raw audio improved

If you are watching our commit updates closely, you will have noticed that we have cleaned up the interface a bit (disable items when no file is opened, etc..) and also improved support for opening raw audio files without wave header.

Depending on how you generate the raw audio data (CD extraction, arecord, ...) the byte order of the raw file will differ. wavbreaker will now ask you which byte order you would like to use to read the raw audio file, so it should be easy to open and break files without wave header now.

2007-07-07: Fixed 0.8.1 tarball

The tarball on SF.net had some wrong files in it which prevented a successful install run. This has been fixed now. If you've downloaded the 0.8.1 tarball already, please re-download from SF.net's mirrors. This should make things work again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2007-07-06: wavbreaker 0.8.1

This release fixes three bugs that have surfaced since the last release in May and also adds a silence-based seeking function.

Packages will be built soon, the source can be downloaded from our download page.

2007-06-14: wavbreaker now available in Fedora 7

Dave Maley writes to inform us that version 0.8 of wavbreaker has been pushed as an update for Fedora 7. As Fedora 7 is no longer split between Core and Extras, this means that wavbreaker is now included as part of the base Fedora distro.

2007-05-10: wavbreaker 0.8

This release is based on the patchsets from 2006 and 2007 and also includes a new wavmerge GUI and i18n support.

2007-05-05: New translations, Wave Merge GUI

We are currently preparing the 0.8 release of wavbreaker. This release will include all changes and features from Thomas' development release improvements (the 0.7.x series of releases), new translations (French and Portuguese by Jose Jorge) and a GUI dialog for merging wave files. Timothy is currently adding a progress indicator to the wave file merging dialog, and after that we should be ready to roll out a new release.

In the meantime, you can help us by testing the code in our Subversion repository at SourceForge. You can also have a peek at our CIA.vc stats page.

2007-04-23: Moved to SourceForge

I created a sourceforge.net project for wavbreaker to accomodate multiple developers.

2007-04-22: wavbreaker 0.7.10

This release supports saving and loading of track break offsets to and form text files, fixes some bugs and greys out disabled track breaks.

2007-04-21: wavbreaker 0.7.9

This release adds manpages for wavbreaker, wavmerge and wavinfo.

2007-04-08: wavbreaker 0.7.8

Merged patches from Avuton Olrich, updated German translation and re-structured main menu and toolbars.

2007-03-25: wavbreaker 0.7.7

This is just a small bugfix release that fixes about dialog close errors and an error with the view position on playback stop.

2007-03-22: wavbreaker 0.7.6

New icons for menu and window border sizes.

2007-03-12: wavbreaker 0.7.5

Still same day, yet another release.

2007-03-12: wavbreaker 0.7.4

Same day, another release.

2007-03-12: wavbreaker 0.7.3

This release adds i18n support and a new preferences dialog.

2007-03-11: wavbreaker 0.7.2

This version adds loads of clean-up and re-structuring and also adds a new icon for wavbreaker.

2006-07-20: wavbreaker 0.7.1

This is an unofficial release by Thomas Perl, fixing some bugs, adding new features and improving usability in general. It has not been released as official version on the wavbreaker homepage, but the current codebase is based on Thomas' releases, so these changes are also relevant for the current version.

2006-02-26: wavbreaker 0.7

Sorry to all of you non-ALSA users. I have now added a check for ALSA in the ./configure stuff to not try and compile in ALSA if you don't have it. You can also disable ALSA or OSS with ./configure with --disable-alsa or --disable-oss or both.

2005-06-02: wavbreaker 0.6.1

Quick bug fix for the last minute window size changes. That's what I get for throwing something in last minute. ;-)

2005-06-01: wavbreaker 0.6

Thanks to Dave Maley for testing and fixes. As well as Justin Ruggles for the TOC export feature. Oh and the various people who informed me of the 64-bit processor issues.

2004-07-11: Mailing list

I've decided to create a mailing list for announcements.

2004-07-11: wavbreaker 0.5

Thanks to Craig Bergren for finding and tracking down the bug in the sample summary display.

2004-07-11: RPMs

RPMs are now available on Dave Maley's site. He created them and will maintain them.

2003-10-25: wavbreaker 0.4

Summary of changes:

2003-07-10: Official Gentoo package

wavbreaker is now in the official Gentoo portage tree under media-sound/wavbreaker.

If you are a gentoo user, like I am, you can just type emerge wavbreaker to install.

2003-06-26: wavbreaker 0.3

If there are any problems or gripes about the xml config file let me know. I can quickly make it configurable in the build if there are problems.

New features are as follows:

I have had a request for a feature that would auto-split with a given time period. Let me know what you guys think.

2003-04-04: wavbreaker 0.2

New version 0.2 is out. Check out the changelog for the details.

Any and all feedback is welcome. New features, bugs...whatever just send me an email.

2003-03-22: Initial announcement

Wavbreaker is up for the world to see!
The current version is 0.1, but is very usable.

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