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What is wavbreaker?

wavbreaker is a GTK wave file splitter for Linux and Unix-like operating systems licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

This application's purpose in life is to take a wave file and break it up into multiple wave files. It makes a clean break at the correct position to burn the files to an audio cd without any dead air between the tracks. It will only read wave files, so use an appropriate tool to convert ogg, mp3, etc. files and then break them up.

Working with wavbreaker

The gui displays a summary of the entire wave file being worked on at the top. The middle portion displays a zoomed in view that allows you to select where to start playing the track and where it will make the break when the break button is clicked. When a break is made, another entry will be added to the bottom portion of the display. This is where you may change file names and select/unselect tracks that will be written when you click save.

Command-line utilities

There is also a command line tool to merge wave files together, wavmerge. So, if you download a show and don't like how it was tracked, you can merge them together with wavmerge and then break them back up with wavbreaker. This tool will only work on files that are alike. For example, 44100 khz sample rate, 16-bit sample size, etc. I would suggest sox or MPlayer to do any conversion you may need.

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